During the impeachment hearings at Capitol Hill in Washington D.C., lawmakers and staffers were relieved by certified therapy dogs.

They are from Pet Partners, the leading non-profit therapy animal organization in the USA. They visited the busy and stressed-out folks on the first day of the proceedings to provide comfort and warm cuddles.

Elisabeth Van Every from the organization said that around 300 staffers and guests were there. Everyone seemed to have enjoyed the short break with the pups. Young employees talked about wanting to have their first pets. Some of them were interested in how volunteers and their therapy dogs improve human health and well-being.

A total of 18 therapy dogs worked in three shifting schedules to guarantee that they did not get tired or stressed. The pups came in all sizes and many breeds, including mixes of unknown ancestry.

According to Van Every, they did not expect that the visit would fall on the first day of the proceedings. They had planned the visit several months in advance. It was purely coincidental that it happened to be on the same day as the opening hearing. They hope that their volunteer teams relieved the stress and anxiety of those who came to bond with them.

For Pet Partners, having dogs at the Capitol can help bring awareness to officials about therapy animals’ issues. Their emotional support dogs were there to offer not only stress relief but also education. Lawmakers need to understand the role and impact of these animals. So they will be able to draft accurate legislation for animal-assisted interventions.

The function of therapy dogs is to provide affection, support, and comfort to people. They also assist those with conditions like children with autism and veterans with PTSD. They regularly pay a visit to patients in hospitals and seniors in assisted-living shelters.

Source: Pet Partners on Facebook

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