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Even though our furry four-legged best friends are among the most intelligent creatures to have ever walked the earth, they nonetheless have instincts they cannot control. Even if we treat our dogs as if they were humans, we must not forget that they are still animals, which means they largely adhere to their natural impulses.

Hunger is one of the urges that they cannot control. Anyone who has ever owned a dog as a pet knows that our canines are food-obsessed, which may occasionally lead to misbehavior on their end.

In a video of dogs that has gone viral, you can see exactly how much our canine companions adore food. Fortunately, the dogs’ behavior, in this case, was quite funny.

The three dogs were being fed a delicious popsicle by their mother, who captured the moment on camera. Because this food helps them chill down, canines adore cold or frozen treats, and these little furballs were very happy about being given the popsicle. And their enthusiasm for the food came to a where a few of them misbehaved.

The fur mom was giving each of her three doggos equal opportunities to lick the popsicle when Ozzy, the dog on the left, decided to try it before it was his turn.

The Golden Retriever in the middle merely glared at his sibling in disgust as their mother chose to give the wayward mutt further licks. They had no idea that the unfortunate dog that lost his turn was already plotting his vengeance. He was craving for that popsicle and didn’t get his chance!

When his mother eventually placed the popsicle in front of him, he gave it a short lick before biting into it! It’s as though he took matters into his own paws out of anger at what transpired! Their mother could not help but giggle at their antics.

Source: Doggo

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