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Pernille is a five-year-old Finnish girl with a pleasant personality. One day, her parents granted her permission to choose and get her own dog. Pernille was ecstatic, so she and her parents traveled to Kennel Finika so that the girl could find the puppy that she would like to have as a pet.

When they visited the kennel, Pernille was already considering adopting a German Shepherd. The visit allowed her to see many canines, and she was thrilled to have so many possibilities. Which dog should she choose? There were numerous German Shepherds there and she had difficulty just selecting one.

Pernille wanted to interact with all of the German Shepherds to see which would be the best fit for her. The owner of the kennel surprised her and her parents by allowing her to spend time with the dogs before she made the big decision.

The canines were subsequently released from their kennels to engage in fun with Pernille, who also enjoyed the entire thing. They were in a field, and she had a great time playing with 14 adorable German Shepherds. It was a sight to behold and we couldn’t help but wish we could be in Pernille’s shoes!

Because we’ve all yearned for a similar feeling in the past, observing the entire event evokes a range of emotions. It was an absolute delight, and can be quite comparable to dog nirvana!

Pernille having a good time with the dogs is an incredibly beautiful sight. She may appear petite in comparison to the fourteen enormous German Shepherds that were surrounding and playing with her. However, Pernille was having such a wonderful time that she showed no fear of the dogs.

We observed that the German Shepherds were having such a good time with Pernille that they did not want to leave her.

Source: Frode Larsen

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