The loyalty of a dog to its family is beautiful. We could not easily find such loyalty from other animals. These creatures are also naturally friendly and energetic.

Sandy, a Labradoodle, had an exciting time accompanying her owner’s children to school. Sandy has been in the Manthey family since he was a little puppy. As he grew, they developed a loving and trustworthy relationship, especially with the children. He wanted to accompany them wherever they went as much as possible.

Sandy’s attachment to the children made him so possessive that he would accompany them to school sometimes. When the kids discovered that he was following them, they were able to stop him and bring him back home.

After days of trying, he finally found an opportunity to sneak out of the house and follow them without being discovered. He became quite sneaky, and it looked like his efforts paid off this time.

When they arrived at school, a staff member noticed Sandy and found it amusing that a dog was present. They escorted him to the principal’s office, where he was forced to wait until the child’s parents could pick him up. One of Karen’s neighbors stops by the school and observes Sandy’s head protruding from the principal’s window. She takes a picture of him and sends Karen a message about it.

The school realized they could not keep Sandy in the office, so they let one student take the dog home. When Karen viewed the message on her phone, she felt ashamed and rushed to the school to apologize for her dog’s intrusion.

Fortunately, she had nothing to worry about. The school found the dog’s activities amusing and did not file a felony prosecution. Sandy was pleased with his actions, but it appears that his family will closely monitor his future activities.

Source: Karen Manthey

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