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Living in the desert is extremely hazardous, especially for stray animals. Therefore, when a man named Zach Gibson and a woman named Katherine Hegarty discovered two stray dogs, they quickly sought assistance. They called Hope For Paws, a non-profit organization in Los Angeles that rescues animals.

Zach and Katherine met with rescuers Eldad Hagar, Katie McKittrick, and JoAnn Wiltz to discuss the animals. The two individuals led the rescuers to a railroad outpost where the dogs had taken refuge. To reach the rescue spot, the party drove to the border of California, Arizona, and Nevada.

Upon their arrival, Eldad immediately saw the difficulty they face. Even before exiting their cars, the rescuers witnessed one of the dogs leave the outpost, as the gate was wide open. Zach and Katherine were able to return the animal to the property because they acquired the animal’s confidence.

The rescuers immediately began protecting the outpost and constructing a smaller enclosure to make capturing the dogs simpler. They erected temporary plastic fencing and nets around the property and blocked access to the area beneath the structure. However, this terrified the animals, prompting them to flee.

Eldad understood that it was preferable to wait for the dogs’ return than to pursue them through the desert. The rescuers left the animals with food and water before checking into a nearby motel. They planned to restart the rescue operation the following morning, with the hope that the dogs would return to the outpost while they were absent.

The following morning, Eldad planned a strategy to rapidly and securely confine the creatures. He directed Katherine to feed the dogs to draw them onto the property. This allows Zach to close the gate when Eldad, Katie, and JoAnn have brought the necessary rescue materials into the property.

The rescuers then approached the animals with soft snares with patience and caution. Once the opportunity presented itself, Eldad successfully captured one of the dogs, while Katie and JoAnn captured the other. The animals finally calmed down after being placed in crates, despite the fact that they first fought fiercely.

Eldad, Katie, and JoAnn thanked Zach and Katherine for their assistance before returning with the dogs to the CARES animal hospital in Los Angeles. Essie and Phryne were sent to LA Animal Rescue for foster care after receiving a clean bill of health from the CARES staff and a wash. They now hope to find permanent homes in the near future.

Source: Hope For Paws – Official Rescue Channel

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