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If you believe that only humans suffer from a guilty conscience, you are mistaken. In this video, a dog named Loa had a similar experience after her mother launched an investigation about a biscuit that had gone missing.

A cookie is missing from the kitchen counter as the mother enters the home. Loa and her sibling Harley are in peril, but it is unclear who is responsible for the missing cookie.

Mom grabs a camera to record the dogs’ reactions to her investigation since she cannot determine who may have eaten the cookie. Perhaps the video would give her a clue about who it might be.

She informs them that she understands how much they love each other and how difficult and sad it will be for them to betray each other, but they must consider doing what is right. After all, the right thing is what we should be doing always. She reassures them that she would not retaliate against whoever snitches on the other.

The mother then asks the canines who among them had stolen the cookie that was on the counter. Harley places his paws on his sister’s head while frowning at their mother.

Mom urges Harley to consider what he just did and instructs him to listen attentively in case he did not really quite understand the question.

The second time that Mom asks the question, he did the same thing to his sister, but for the grand finale, Harley affirms his answer by resting his left front paws three times on her head.

Mom then asked Loa if she had something to say about the entire thing. The expression of remorse on her face tells it all.

Mom could not help but laugh with delight. Who wouldn’t? These siblings are simply doing the right thing and they are so adorable!

Source: Harley and Loa Bark Badges

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