When we think about senior dog retirement homes, we picture an environment that has a pretty laid back atmosphere. Senior dogs sleep a lot, and they’re not as active as younger dogs. Vintage Pet Rescue provides a peaceful, comfortable, and safe environment for senior dogs where they can live for the rest of their lives.

However, Vintage Pet Rescue ended up taking in a puppy named Trigger. It’s unusual for Vintage Pet Rescue to take in young dogs like Trigger, but Trigger is an exceptional case. Trigger was diagnosed with kidney disease, and the vets predicted that Trigger only had less than a year to live.

Because Trigger only had a few months to live, the shelter couldn’t really adopt him out. Thankfully, Vintage Pet Rescue agreed to provide a forever home for Trigger. Vintage Pet Rescue founder, Kristen Peralta, stated that Trigger ended up being a breath of fresh air in the facility.

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Because Trigger was still a puppy, he had a lot of energy and wanted to play all the time. All the senior dogs living in the facility started feeling young again, and they all love playing with Trigger. Trigger also learned the personalities of each dog, and he knows how to play with all of them.

Trigger’s puppy energy is so contagious that even the senior dogs he plays with at the facility felt young again. In a way, Trigger helps improve the quality of life of the senior dogs he plays with by encouraging them to move and exercise.

Despite having only a few months to live, Trigger doesn’t act sick. He’s always ready to play, and he’s making the most out of his life. Trigger will surely be missed by all the senior dogs he bonded with at Vintage Pet Rescue. Here’s a video showing Trigger making the senior dogs feel young again. It’s truly remarkable seeing such a sweet puppy still having fun and full of life despite being sick.

Video Source The Dodo via YouTube

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