It’s easy to tell what your pup’s favorite thing in the world is. If they’re bringing the stuff everywhere and will not take their eyes off of it for even a minute, then it’s most likely your canine’s most treasured possession. For this adorable Labrador, this stuff is a polka dot blanket.

The moment Meg brought home her pooch, Winnie, she immediately realized how much of a big smiler the canine was. Her gigantic grin would always radiate sunshine and never failed to warm the hearts of Meg and her other dog, Moose.

But there was something else that the fur mom discovered about the charming Labrador. Apart from her contagious smiles, Winnie was also a lover of anything fabric. She would always be roaming around the house with some sort of blanket or towel in her mouth.

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Sometimes, she would snatch a blanket from the bedroom and parade with it outside in the garden. However, if she were a bit lazy to find a fuzzy fabric from the rooms, her go-to blanket would be her all-time favorite polka dot blanket. Meg gifted it to her when she was just a puppy, and it had been her most loved item in the whole world since then.

Winnie would bring the blanket with her everywhere she went, whether it was to her fur mom’s bedroom or the pool outside. Whenever Meg would throw it in the laundry, poor Winnie would sit for hours in front of the washing machine, waiting for it to dry.

Because of the Labrador’s amusing love for her blankets, Meg began documenting the moments when she would spot Winnie holding one. She then uploaded the clip on TikTok. Little did she knew that her pup’s fabric obsession would immediately go viral.

To date, the post had racked up 1.7 million views. Look at the adorable Winnie and her polka dot blanket here.

Courtesy of misswinland

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