Weddings are typically solemn and emotion-filled events, with everyone’s attention solely on the couple. Guests would often get teary-eyed as the couple exchange vows or even when they share their first kiss as husband and wife. Celebrating the wonder of their love with the people closest to their hearts, this is what makes a wedding truly special.

Matthew and Nambok Howard knew they wanted their big day to be memorable. Maybe somebody probably should have warned them to be careful what they wished for. They certainly got what they longed for, thanks to the hilarious antics of their beloved bulldog, Diesel.

Diesel, a rescue dog, was known to be a lovable rascal with a penchant for mischief. Matthew and Nambok knew it was a risky move to include Diesel in their actual wedding ceremony as the ‘Best Man.’ But their special day wouldn’t be the same without their beloved baby, so they decided to go along with it.

Matthew admitted that Diesel could be a show-stealer at times, something he expected the pup would attempt. Nevertheless, he still pushed through with the plan and included all four of their dogs at the wedding, including the playful Diesel.

Everything seemed to go as planned. Diesel and the other dogs watched as their mom walked down the aisle and took her place beside their dad. But before the couple got the chance to say their vows, Diesel suddenly made his move.

He went straight to his mom and immediately cocked his leg to pee. Luckily, the angle was slightly off and missed the bride’s dress by a few centimeters. Once he was done, he rustled up a few leaves before returning to his rightful place, looking smug and satisfied.

The couple, along with the entire wedding party, laughed at the dog’s cheeky act. Diesel just proved to them that it doesn’t take much to make a special day unforgettable.

Photos courtesy of Matthew Howard via Instagram

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