During the COVID-19 Pandemic, a lot of families that struggled with financial problems couldn’t keep up with their dogs’ needs. In this case, it’s their responsibility to drop the canine off at the shelter. Unfortunately, one family decided to just abandon their Labrador in the desert.

All alone

The pandemic brought a lot of distress and misfortune to all of us. But it still is inexcusable behavior to leave your dog to fend for himself.

Colby the two-year-old Labrador was abandoned in an Arizona desert with no collar nor microchip. He spent days wandering the area in search of food and water but to no prevail.

Luckily, a rescue center called the Southwest Oasis Labrador Rescue found the poor dog and decided to take him in. They did everything to find his family but it was evident that they did it purposely.

Despite being super sweet and cuddly, Colby suffered from extreme anxiety because f the abandonment. The rescue shelter had a tough time getting close to him but they placed him into a loving foster home in the meantime.

Justice for dogs

Colby was just one of the many dogs surrendered to the shelter facility. A lot of initially excited dog lovers tend to return their canines once they realize that they weren’t up for the responsibility.

A young and playful dog like Colby still needed a permanent place to relax, exercise, and play. He just had to find someone who was willing to give him a second chance at the life he truly deserved.

The rescue facility hoped that sharing Colby’s story would be a wake-up call to everyone. Dogs were supposed to be treated like family members. Adopting a dog for your family is equivalent to a lifelong commitment hence no dog should have t go through what Colby experienced.

Photo Source: Southwest Oasis Lab Rescue via Facebook

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