Erin and Chad are a couple that has rescued and fostered beagles for a long time.  Although they don’t actively seek out overweight beagles, it seems that they wind up coming to their doorstep. One of the biggest and most obese dogs that they took in was Jameson or James for short.

When they met the three-year-old pooch, he tipped the scales at more than a hundred pounds. He was so heavy that his knees were severely damaged from having to support all that extra weight. He needed surgery and a lot of exercises.

Thankfully, the couple was up for the challenge.

Unhealthy diet

James lived with a senior citizen for most of his life. He never received a proper diet and was fed cheeseburgers and ice cream all the time. He rarely went on walks and this resulted in his obesity. When the owners realized that he had developed several health problems, they decided to give him up to get him some help.

That’s when Erin and her husband stepped in.

Physically incapable

According to Erin, James’s condition was so bad that they mostly had to carry him whenever they went out. They even had to place a blanket under him so that they can pull the pooch towards the door. And whenever they take him out on walks, he could only go for a short distance before he gets exhausted.

The couple knew that the pup was miserable with the life he was leading. He wanted to play with the other dogs, but he physically couldn’t. The best that he could do was to lift up his front paws to reach the other beagles in their house.

Also, since his knees were injured, they tried to avoid activities that can aggravate the injuries.

New life

After James had his surgery and recovered from it, he seemed like a new dog. He was able to walk longer distances and the pup started losing weight. His regular exercise was coupled with a special diet and this sped up the weight loss process.

Soon enough, the dog was walking for miles. He would even join Erin on her five-kilometer runs. After a few months of constant diet and exercise, he achieved his ideal weight of 44 pounds.

Because of that, his life completely turned around. James became a very active and social pooch. He loved playing with all of his brothers and sisters and seemed to have boundless energy. The couple is overjoyed to see that the dog is finally living a happy life.

Source: The Dodo via Youtube

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