A dog named Walter had a home for several years. His family gave him joy and cared for him. But when he was severely injured in an accident, they neglected to give him the necessary medical care, and his life took a turn for the worst.

Instead of bringing him to the veterinarian, his owners put him inside a room. They felt he wouldn’t require medical attention and that he would recover on his own. However, as anticipated, his condition worsened.

The poor dog starved in the darkness of the room. He was so hungry that the wallpaper became his meal.

Walter was in the worst possible condition, and he rapidly deteriorated as the days passed. Thankfully, a neighbor called for help, and rescuers from the nonprofit organization Care For Dogs Romania worked on it immediately. They raced against time to save him despite knowing little about him.

The dog received the necessary medical care as soon as he was rescued. His foster mother, Delia, also ensured he received appropriate nutrition. Under her care, he received daily medicinal baths and he never missed a vitamin or medication dose.

It took some time before Walter began to feel better. As a result of his pain, he refused to interact with others. As soon as he was pain-free, though, he began to explore his new environment and became great friends with Fee, another rescue dog.

Walter and Fee shared a similar background, therefore they were able to relate to one another. Because they knew what it was like to suffer, they helped one another overcome their dark days. They spent many quality hours together and enjoyed having each other around.

Walter left immediately to join his new family in Germany. He was quite overwhelmed by all the attention he received, but he enjoyed it immensely. Finding a forever home was the best thing that ever happened to him.

Source: The Dodo

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