Large dogs are terrifying because of their size. Usually, they look fearsome and are frequently used as guard dogs. Great Danes fall under this category, and one Great Dane, in particular, seemed to disprove the notion that they are not the cuddly kind, despite their large size and imposing appearance.

Floyd was almost one year old when he became interested in a blanket. According to his human mother, he frequently stole the blanket off their couch. Since he took an interest in the fabric that he appeared to be comfortable with, he has been infatuated with it.

He is now an adult and has his own blankets. He always brings a blanket with him everywhere he goes. He is a large dog, but he is dependent on the security that his blankets provide. He adores his blankets, but his size makes it unavoidable that he occasionally trips on them or creates tears in them.

Since no one can stop him from lugging his blankets everywhere he goes, his family always keeps a stockpile of extras for him. According to his fur mom, he has already gone through a number of blankets, as they have become worn and damaged over time.

Floyd always has a blanket with him, and it does not matter what he is doing. Whether it be inside lounging or camping outdoors, he has one with him. He even has a blanket prepared for him whenever he visits his fur mom’s boyfriend. The cute dog is definitely unable to survive without a blanket.

His mother has trained him to leave his blanket by the door when they go out because he has attempted many times to sneak it out. His family never quite understood the origin of this peculiar behavior. All they know is that it’s a significant part of him, and they love him for everything he is.

Source: Floyd B

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