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Dog parents know that their dogs see them as the alpha of their dog packs. That is why dogs generally follow their owners’ commands and never contest any control that their owners have over their territory. This is a big thing because it is no secret that our dogs take territorial matters very seriously.

In this viral dog video, an adorable furball seemed like it had challenged her fur dad for a spot on the leather-covered couch. However, there was no big confrontation between these two. The contest was actually quite adorable!

The popular video with around five million views on YouTube was filmed in the living room by the fur dad himself. The man was only relaxing on the couch when his dog approached him with sad puppy eyes. The dog then placed her paw on her owner’s leg. It was the dog’s way of requesting that his father move from the spot.

The dog’s owner then shifted to the opposite side of the sofa, and the dog jumped up to claim her seat. We can’t really blame the dog’s owner for caving in so readily. After all, who could refuse such pitiful puppy eyes? But despite her owner’s acknowledgement of her request, the dog still appeared to be quite sad.

Many Internet users believe that this dog was offended that her owner sat in her spot. However, we find the actual cause to be rather endearing. We assume this adorable canine was unhappy that her father was relaxing on the couch without her. Perhaps they frequently sat next to each other in the living room when watching movies or just relaxing and she felt left out this time.

This dog is real evidence that we are everything to our animal companions. Because your father loves you, that space on the couch will always be yours, pooch.

Source: BVIRAL

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