Doggos are very good at detecting hidden objects and certain substances because of their powerful sense of smell. Unfortunately, this is balanced out by their poor eyesight. That’s why our pups can sometimes react hilariously when they are introduced to strange objects.

Apparently, they also have the same reaction to people. In this viral video, the confused pupper did not recognize even her own human. But that’s because the dog mom changed her hair. We never knew that our pups paid so much attention to our hairstyles.

This woman is Olivia Anderson. She posted the viral video that got people giggling because of her dog’s reaction. We’re not entirely sure how her hair looked like before, but the 22-year-old dog mom shared that she recently got a haircut when she posted the video.

Olivia looks stunning, but her pooch, Brue, will probably disagree. The confused pupper actually barked and growled at Olivia when she came home. Brue used to wag her tail with excitement whenever her human comes home. But this time around, the pup was trying to ward off a supposed intruder.

We can’t really blame Brue if she was being protective of their home. That’s just how doggos are. But it’s really funny how she did not recognize Olivia just because she changed her hair. Even when the dog mom stood close to her, it took a while for Brue to recognize her human. Brue even tried to run away from Olivia because she was afraid of this intruder.

But after smelling Olivia, Brue realized how foolish she was! The doggo’s tail started wagging with excitement as she approached her. Olivia then let out a high-pitched “It’s me!” to further reassure this pupper that she is not there to steal anything. See Brue and her hilarious reaction to her mom’s haircut in the clip below.

Credits: Caters Clips

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