TV commercials can convey a strong message to people.

TV commercials are made to introduce a new brand, a unique feature of the existing brand, and inform its target market about product innovation and rebranding. TV commercials can help in relaying messages about the brand or company.

These days, TV commercials are geared towards showing real people. TV commercials are now spreading awareness than increasing product information.

One of the TV commercials that touched the hearts of many is the one from Kleenex.

Andi is born with Down Syndrome. Her mom, Riley, wishes that Andi would live a normal life. She wants Andi to be independent.

Mary Johnson, a trainer at Canine Companions for Independence (CCI), told Riley that Andi might be qualified to have an assistance dog when she turns five years old. CCI was founded in 1975, which aimed to enhance people’s lives with special needs by providing assistance dogs at no extra cost.

Bailey is Andi’s assistance dog. He serves as Andi’s motivator. He also encourages Andi to be independent. Bailey also serves as a bridge whenever Andi meets a new person.

On the other hand, Andi is tasked to feed Bailey daily.

Riley wants her daughter to be confident despite her disability. Bailey can be a great help to Andi in developing her personality.

Watch this video clip to hear Andi’s story. Make sure that you have a box of Kleenex before clicking the play button:

Kleenex is one of the brands of Kimberly-Clark that manufactures different kinds of tissues for other purposes. Kleenex is first invented as cold cream remover in 1924, but people use it for various reasons. At present, Kleenex offers different facial tissues depending on the needs of the consumers.

Andi and Bailey have lots of memories to build! Thank you, Kleenex, for telling their story!

Video courtesy of Kleenex Brand via YouTube

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