Dogs can have a certain coping mechanism to deal with their issues. Sometimes it can be an obsession over an item that makes them feel safe.

For one dog named Luna, stuffed animals are the ones that make her calm and composed.

Luna’s obsession with stuffed animals goes beyond the confines of her home. She likes to take her stuffed toys with her whenever she’s on a walk outside. Her owner often has to carry her to the car while she has a giant stuffed toy in her mouth.

At first, Luna’s stuffed toys were only used exclusively inside the house. One day she started taking the toy donut out during walks. Then she took a larger toy, which is a stuffed llama. She looked adorable and ridiculous at the same time, but her owners never stopped her.

Luna was a rescued dog who experienced abuse in the past. Whenever she gets scared, she would clutch anything near her using her mouth. At first, it was blankets and cloth, then her owner brought her stuffed toys so she could bite those instead.

Luna’s obsession with stuffed toys faded after she met a cat named Snow. The cat was a new pet that made a good first impression on her. They immediately started cuddling each other during their first meeting.

Snow’s presence lessened Luna’s tendency to be scared. Luna no longer needed to bring stuffed toys outside because Snow was there to walk with her. They feel so secure with each other, and their owner admires such a pure relationship.

A lot of people praised Luna’s owner for allowing her to do whatever she wanted with the toys. Some owners wouldn’t allow their dogs to carry large toys outside. In Luna’s case, the owners understood why she was doing it and made the right choice to let her be.

Video courtesy of The Dodo via YouTube.

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