Floodwaters are among the most dangerous disasters that can happen to cities and communities. They don’t only affect humans – they can also be devastating to animals, which undoubtedly include dogs.

But one dog had a lucky escape from the murky and cold floodwaters that engulfed the southern part of Mexico. This was all thanks to a kind rescuer.

Saving the yellow Labrador

Residents across Southern Mexico states Tabasco and Chiapas battled extreme floodwaters as a result of two cold fronts and a tropical storm. About 30,000 homes got damaged in Tabasco.

While a lot of residents managed to escape, some helpless animals were left behind, including a nameless yellow Labrador. Thankfully, naval personnel rescued the trapped pup.

In a video, the dog was clinging to a building. A boat with rescuers was going through the neighborhood, and luckily, the dog had been spotted. The yellow Labrador was shivering, and it was probably scared. It had been doing its best to stay afloat by holding onto a railing. Upon seeing the rescuers going towards it, the dog moved desperately to get a hold of the boat’s side; soon enough, a man gently lifted him.

How to prepare pets when there’s a storm

Often, dogs and other pets are left behind when there’s a disaster and people need to evacuate. But that should not be the case. Through proper preparation, you can save your dog’s life. You have to make sure that your dog is with you when you leave for evacuation.

To avoid problems in the future, you can make prior arrangements, such as leaving your pets to a relative with a safer place or to a pet hotel. Your cell phone number or email address should be on your pet’s tag just in case they get separated from you. Whether it’s a cat or dog, keeping them inside their crate or kennel may be a good idea, especially if your pets have a tendency to panic.

Video Source: Now This via YouTube

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