We have been led to believe that dogs are born swimmers, but guess what? They actually aren’t! We may have seen them treading waters like natural swimmers but this actually is a dog’s instinctive reaction once they are in the water. This movement is called dog paddling and it is very much different from knowing how to actually swim.

In any case, you would not want the misfortune of letting your dog drown. That is why there is a need for dogs to be properly introduced to water. The safety and security of your dog is your ultimate priority whenever, wherever.

The most integral part of ensuring the safety of your dogs in a pool or in any water form is to teach them obedience. Training them how to follow you is the basic step. After establishing their obedience to you, here are other tips to make sure that your pet is always safe, healthy and happy.dog, labrador, swim

Protection from drowning

  • Be familiar with your dog. As a responsible owner, it is a must that you know your dog better than anyone else. You must be aware of your dog’s limitations and acknowledge the fact that your pet might or might not be best suited for water as compared to other breeds.
  • In any situation, do not ever throw your dog into a body of water.
  • Be attentive to your dog whenever you join them in your recreational dip. Do not leave them alone in the pool or in any form of water.
  • Purchasing a dog life vest is a wise move, as well as taking a dog CPR class.
  • Since swimming is a tiring activity, it is advisable to take your dog out of the water as often as you can to give it some time to rest too.
  • If you have the luxury of your own pool at home, practice getting out of the pool together with your pet. Demonstrate to your dog how to get out of the pool as well as how to use the stairs. Repeat this drill until you are sure that your pet has fully understood where the exit is and how your dog will eventually get out of the pool in case they fall in.

Other helpful tips

  • Since lakes and other water forms are breeding places of a variety of algae and parasites, and pools are regularly treated with chlorine, it is best not to let your dog drink swimming water.
  • Keep a dish of clean drinking water handy for your pet.
  • After swimming, thoroughly rinse off chlorine and salt water from your pet, as these elements can cause your pet’s skin to become dry.
  • To help prevent infection, dry off your dog’s ear after swimming.dog, outdoor pool, dog in the water

Teaching your dog safety precautions during swimming activities can give you peace of mind every time you decide to take them for a quick or a leisurely dip. Being prepared is always the best defense any dog owner must practice. And always remember, be alert and attentive all the time!


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