Teaching and training a pet will require your time and attention. This will bring out the best from your pet and will also help in enhancing their obedience to you. One of the things that a dog can learn from training is how to know and learn from commands. It will not only teach your dogs to have good behavior, but it is also a great way of bonding to bring you and your pet closer. Teach the basic commands first and once your dog gets the hang of it, it’s time to elevate and teach them the thrilling ones.

Here are some tricks that you and your dogs can enjoy.

Teach them how to kiss.

This is the extreme move your dog can give you. A kiss can brighten up your day especially if it came from someone dear to you. Below are the things you can do to get that daily kiss:

  • Put some peanut butter on your cheek and let your dog lick it.
  • Provide the clue word “kiss” and lean towards your dog.
  • Your dog should taste the treats from your cheek casually.
  • Repeat this often until your dog kisses you even without those tricks.

Teach your dog to woof.

No one can always be there for you at any time of the day when you need someone to talk to. And this kind of command is useful if you need a friend to talk to. You can use something to get your dog’s attention and that will cause him or her to bark.

  • It can be a doorbell or anything that produces a sound and you can command your dog to bark after the sound.
  • Reward your dog a treat after barking.
  • Repeat this multiple times until your dog can learn the barks on command.

Teach your dog to play dead.

This is one of the more advanced commands your pet can learn. Once they will be used to it,  it will become one of the tricks you can use to impress others.

  • Teach your dog about the “down” command first.
  • They should be in the “down” position.
  • Use your hands to push your dog gently to lie on their side.
  • Command them to “stay”.
  • Give them a treat when they are on the “stay” position.
  • Repeat this command multiple times.
  • You can add a hint such as “bang” with a gun signal before your dog lies on their side again and give them a reward after.
  • Repeat this multiple times until your dog learns how to do it.

Teach them how to hug.

It is a wonderful feeling to get a hug from your pet. Here’s how to teach them.

  • Place a treat in your hand.
  • Sit down or kneel and put your hands around the back of your neck.
  • Wait for your dog to move to get the treat.
  • Let them bite at the treat first before giving it to them fully.
  • Repeat this multiple times.
  • You can add the hint word “hug” before repeating the entire process.

Teach them how to find something.

Finding things is one of the the most fun and useful games you can do with your pet.

  • Let your dog sit still.
  • Hold an object that he recognizes by name and let your dog sniff it.
  • Hide the object somewhere that he is familiar with and say “look for it, or “look for the _____”.
  • Give them a treat once they get it.
  • Repeat this a few times.
  • You can change the hiding place each time.
  • If he can find that one thing frequently, change it with another object, let the dog sniff it, then ask him to look for it.
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