We can never outgrow learning how amazing dogs are. We will always be in awe of their affections and unconditional love. Humans do not deserve a dog’s love because it’s too pure.

The Edale Mountain Rescue trains dogs to search for people who may be lost or trapped in the snow. They equipped dogs to save lost walkers or mountain climbers who took a wrong turn in the snow. The image below shows a rescue dog in action:

The name of the Search Dog is Flo, a Border Collie from Derbyshire Peak District. Approximately four years old and extremely bright for a search dog.

In the Rescue Dogs’ bio, it says that “Flo is an extremely intelligent, confident young dog with remarkable work ethic and drive.” The bio also states that Flo “attended over 30 operational call outs for missing persons.” Now, that is impressive!

It feels refreshing to see that it is still possible for nature to go hand in hand with humanity. Isn’t it? These dogs are capable of love and affection that it continually melts our hearts every time we witness events like this.

Here is the video of how Flo saved someone buried in snow.

I think it is a great thing that Mountain Rescue Dogs England took a step towards involving dogs to help us out when it comes to danger. It such a humbling experience to accept help from these magnificent creatures. Stories like this give hope to people that we can still live in a world where purity still exists.

When this story broke out on Twitter, people from all over the world are asking where they can donate online towards dog training. Generally, Mountain Rescue Search Dogs England posted details on their twitter page on how you can give to these search dogs.

Video Credit Mountain Rescue Search Dogs England Twitter Account

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