The Boxer can be a great companion dog for children. They are calm, compassionate, and are easy to be around. There are countless stories on the internet showing how amazing these dogs can be. Below is one such story that will put a smile on any dog lover’s face.

When a woman named Charlotte and her husband were trying to conceive, they adopted a puppy. Since they didn’t quite know how long it would take her to get pregnant, they saw no harm in having a dog in the meantime. Coincidentally, when the new puppy named Bruno arrived at their home, Charlotte discovered she was already pregnant.

It was a fortunate event that led to an amazing living situation. The couple didn’t expect to take care of both a dog and a baby. Nevertheless, they welcomed the challenges and benefits that came with that setup.

When Bruno met baby Arthur for the first time, he stayed by the child’s side while he was sleeping. Bruno became obsessed with staying close to the little baby boy. It’s always about snuggles and kisses when the two of them are in the same room.

Usually, Bruno sits in the car’s front seat when Charlotte drives. However, when Arthur is in the car, Bruno needs to be beside him, so he sits at the back. During strolls, the dog is also kept close to the stroller.

Charlotte has nothing to be worried about when it comes to Bruno. He’s gentle and mindful of his size. In the same way, Arthur doesn’t poke or prod the dog unnecessarily. They are both very respectful of each other’s personal space, and that’s why their dynamic works really well despite the size difference.

Charlotte also finds herself staring at her child and dog. She can’t get over how Arthur and Bruno look cute together. They don’t even have to try at all. All they have to do is sit near each other, and Charlotte’s day is made.

Source: The Dodo via YouTube.

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