We’ve all seen cute internet videos and heartwarming stories of families adopting dogs, and this story is one of them.

This family adopted not one, not two, but three senior dogs!

In a time when so many animals are being put down, it’s great to see humans opening their homes and hearts to some older furry dogs who need them most. The three lucky senior dogs who have been adopted by the world’s kindest family are blessed indeed!

One of the adopted dogs, a Chihuahua named Joey, was brought to the animal shelter by his former owner’s family. It happened when his previous owner had to go into a nursing home and couldn’t care for him anymore. The animal shelter took the senior dog in, praying someone would come and adopt him.

After seven long months of being in an animal shelter, Joey finally got adopted by his new parents. At first, Joey’s parents didn’t know what to do when he seemed to be confused about his surroundings at the end of every day.

He’d pace and act all antsy, and then he’d shake all over. His parents learned then that he had dementia, and discovered that holding the dog close and keeping him warm and comforted calms him down. Joey is more than blessed to have met these angelic humans!

Even with his dementia, Joey is still able to live a great life, thanks to his awesome parents.

These three senior dogs are so fortunate to have been adopted by such a kindhearted family. This story is one that makes me believe that there is a God who watches over us and provides for our every need. It’s such a reassuring feeling!

If you’re thinking about adding a furry friend to your family, maybe consider adopting an older dog from your local shelter. You’ll be doing the world a great favor!

Credits to GeoBeats Animals via YouTube

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