When a dog goes missing, desperate fur parents pray that someone finds their pooch and takes them to a place where their microchip can be scanned. However, microchipping animals is not yet common practice in most countries. So dog parents have to rely on other things to help them bring their pet back home.

Most just rely on the physical description of their pups or a special mark on the body. But this dog dad from Beersheba, Israel, had a unique way of identifying his pooch.

Israeli police officers doing their routine patrol in the city of Tel Sheva spotted a bunch of teenagers gathered around a Siberian husky who looked like a stray pooch. The officers then asked the youngsters if they knew who owned the doggo, but they had no idea. The teenagers just found the pooch wandering the streets just moments before the officers arrived.

Luckily, one of the officers remembered that a notice about a missing Siberian husky was posted by a man from Beersheba, which is almost six miles away. The pooch matched the description in the post, so they decided to take the husky to the police station so they could investigate further.

They called the man from Beersheba, who then requested that the officers play a couple of songs from two popular Israeli TV shows. He said that if the husky howled as the song played, then the pooch was definitely his missing pet.

However, most doggos howl whenever there is music being played, so the officers tried playing a bunch of songs first to see if the husky would react to them, but the pooch remained silent the entire time. Then the officers played one of the songs that the dog dad requested, and the pooch howled at the top of his lungs!

They confirmed that this was indeed the missing husky from Beersheba, and not long after, the pupper and his human were reunited. Watch the adorable reunion in the clip below.

Credits: Daily Mail

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