Neemo was a homeless puppy but he was happy. He lived in a peaceful community and the residents adored him. He brought them joy so they made sure to keep him safe and well-fed.

Every day was a special day for Neemo. He was excited to play and run around his neighborhood. But one day, he got hit by a careless driver, and his life changed for the worse.

Neemo failed to comprehend what had happened. He didn’t know why he could no longer stand, let alone walk or run. He dragged his legs just so he could move around.

The accident didn’t just leave the puppy paralyzed but also caused him so much pain. Within a few days, Neemo could no longer move. He thought it was the end of everything, but volunteer workers of Animal Aid Unlimited came to help.

The responders wasted no time and rushed the puppy to their hospital. They assured Neemo everything will be fine. They comforted him and then gave him some meds to ease his pain.

After a thorough examination, it was determined that Neemo had no broken bones. His spine was also intact. But for some reason, his hind legs couldn’t carry his weight. So for days, he kept dragging the lower half of his body to get from one place to another.

No surgery was necessary, but the puppy needed complete bedrest to heal. Neemo, however, couldn’t wait to be back on his feet. He held his body when he ate and he played when he should be at rest. Fortunately, his adamancy did not hinder his recovery.

After weeks of physiotherapy, Neemo gained the ability to stand, walk, and run. Once again, he was active, playful, and jolly. Even though he limped for a few more days, he was the happiest to be back on his feet.

Credits: Animal Aid Unlimited

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