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Dogs age quicker than humans do. Numerous studies indicate that a human year is equivalent to 10 dog years. Despite this stark difference, humans do not necessarily find it easier to see their dog friends age.

As dogs age, their bodies undergo a number of transformations. They start to go weak, and tasks that were once simple for them become tough. This is a typical thing that most dog owners would prefer not to experience.

But the thing is, aging is inevitable. There are several accounts of dog owners who will do everything for their aging or dying pets. It is surely normal to actually feel this way as a result of the strong connection that they have developed over time.

A man named Todd Blacksher and his wife are not unfamiliar with this. This happened when their cherished Corgi turned 11 years old. As the dog aged, it became difficult for him to walk.

According to Todd, their dog Ash has been a family member since he was a young pup. One of the dog’s favorite hobbies to do outdoors, particularly during the winter, is running. This activity brings enjoyment and happiness to Ash.

In 2020, around the time of the dog’s 11th birthday, his hind legs began to lose strength. When the dog’s condition became more pronounced, Todd took him to a veterinarian. Ash underwent numerous diagnostic procedures to learn about his illness.

The veterinarian concluded after a series of tests that Ash has Degenerative Myelopathy (DM). This ailment hinders mobility in elderly dogs.

However, according to the veterinarian, Ash may still enjoy running in the snow. This could be done via the use of a wheelchair, which would assist him with his mobility issues.

As an engineer, Todd instantly designed a ski-wheelchair for Ash so that he could continue to enjoy the snow.


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