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Luna, a Belgian Malinois, led a happy life. She had a loving family and was in wonderful health. However, things changed for her when she sustained a leg injury. After realizing that Luna’s leg might be amputated, Luna’s family decided it would be best for her to be euthanized rather than undergo surgery.

With the exception of her leg injury, Luna was in great health. She was younger than two years old at that time and still had a lot of life that was left in her. However, her owners could not imagine bringing her home with just three legs. Instead of seeing her crippled, they concluded that her death would be preferable.

The veterinarian thankfully refused to euthanize Luna. After learning that the veterinarian denied their request to euthanize Luna, Luna’s owner left the clinic without the dog.

The veterinarian chose to operate on Luna. Not only will Luna undergo a life-altering operation, but she will also do it without the people who were supposed to provide her with love and support.

Howl Of A Dog, an animal rescue organization, stepped in to provide Luna with the necessary help. Luna may no longer have a family, but she will be cared for by an incredible bunch of people.

After Luna recovered from her operation, Howl Of A Dog volunteers updated their website with the latest information about her. Even though Luna is without a limb, she is still full of life and love. She is really playful and does not let her impairment hinder her.

Howl Of A Dog stated that Luna is intelligent and insatiably inquisitive. She enjoys learning new things and does not let her impairment slow her down. Even though she only has three legs, Luna can still do zoomies.

Luna’s rescuers are optimistic that she will find a forever home where she will receive unconditional love and care.

Source: Howl Of A Dog

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