A chained-up dog is never good to look at. It’s a disappointing sight that animal rescuers often see. Some dogs are even tied up using chains that are hard to remove. The situation below shows one of the worst-case scenarios of chained-up dogs.

Cobalt, a boxer, was found in a pitiful state by dog rescuers from St. Louis, Missouri. His rib cage was visible, and a heavy chain was bolted on his neck. It was clear that whoever left him there did not want him to survive.

The rescuers had to get a bolt cutter and attempted to cut the chains off Cobalt’s neck. However, the first few attempts didn’t go so well. Cobalt squirmed around because he was afraid, making it hard to get a good grip on the bolt. Additionally, the bolt on the chain collar was extremely tough.

A neighbor saw what was happening and inquired as to what was going on. The rescuers told the man that they were trying to set Cobalt free. The neighbor watched on rooting for the rescue’s success.

One of the rescuers filming the process had to stop recording and help out. With the combined effort of two people, the chain on Cobalt’s neck finally got removed. After that, the neighbor commented that he was unaware that a dog was being starved in that yard.

Cobalt was so hungry that he ripped open a bag of dog food when he was inside the rescuer’s car. The rescuer felt pity and reassured the dog that he would be fed properly moving forward. Of course, the rescuers followed through with that statement.

When Cobalt arrived at an animal shelter, his journey to gain more weight began. The rescuers started playing with him and showing him some love. This was to prepare him for the time he would get adopted.

Video courtesy of The Dodo via YouTube.

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