Dogs do all sorts of silly things, even if it means disturbing their fur parents or siblings in the process. And, it seems canines don’t mind getting into trouble if it means having something fun to do.

Thus, a fur mom can’t help but laugh at one of her puppies chewing on its sleeping sister pup’s paw. Yet, Mom need not worry about waking the tired doggo out as it manages to sleep through its sibling’s ticklish move.

What’re you doing over there?

In this comical footage, a pack of adorable puppies huddles on the carpeted floor with their fur mom. The pups take their scheduled nap time when one of them decides to do a mischievous deed.

Without wasting a second, the silly doggo begins chewing on its sleeping sibling’s paw. At some point, the puppy even gives the same paw furtive licks like it’s the most delicious chew toy.

Seeing such a sight, Mom chuckles and wonders how the puppy sleeps through all its sibling’s ticklish maneuvers. Despite hearing Mom’s comment, the silly dog lends a deaf ear to Mom as it merely carries on chewing on its sister’s foot.

How exactly can you do that, huh?

At some point, the impish doggo even shoves its sister’s entire foot inside its mouth. Mom then zooms in on the napping pup’s face to see if she’ll wake up to all the biting that her brother’s doing.

Yet, a few seconds pass by, the dog-tired puppy doesn’t bat an eyelid at what her brother’s doing. With this, Mom can only loudly exclaim her astonishment at how the pup manages to sleep through everything.

Also in disbelief at how a puppy can sleep through despite its brother chewing on its foot? You better continue viewing the funny pair in live-action below.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube

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