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A woman living in a district in Seoul, South Korea owns Soondol, a white dog. She uses a rope to tie her pet to its doghouse so that it could guard her driveway.

Soondol functions as the woman’s security dog. The dog diligently stands guard and barks when a stranger approaches its territory. In return, the owner ensures that Soondol is fed regularly and is warm and comfortable in its small shelter.

One day, the woman brought Soondol some dinner. She was astonished to discover six white dogs inside the dog’s house.

When she arrived and placed the food into Soondol’s dish, four puppies and another adult dog emerged from the doghouse. The woman was surprised and wanted to know when Soondol started a family since these new dogs had seemed to have already moved into Soondol’s dwelling place.

The woman was quite confused because she sees the dog daily, and Soondol has never gotten loose from its leash or left its home. She had never seen the other female dog before that day. But how could her guard dog allow the new dogs into its small shelter so quickly?

The woman believed the female dog and her puppies would not stay there for long and would just leave. However, the dogs were still there after two weeks.

When the woman gives Soondol some food, Soondol even allows the puppies to eat first. The owner began to wonder if these puppies were really Soondol’s.

In order to find the answer to her question, she had Soondol and the puppies undergo a DNA test. The paternity test revealed a 99.99% match. Soondol is the father of the four puppies.

Since the dogs were Soondol’s family, the woman chose to care for them. She purchased a larger doghouse in order to accommodate Soondol, the female dog, and her four puppies. She never intended to have so many dogs, but everything ultimately worked out well.

Source: Kritter Klub

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