Owning a Siberian Husky can be challenging. You would always need to wash and groom their thick fur. On top of that, they have tons of energy to run around and play, making them quite hard to chase!

But one Siberian husky named Millie is an exception. Instead of being the explorative type who likes to go outdoors, she would prefer to lay down at home next to her owner’s newborn girl named Daisy. And in this video, you’ll get to watch a lot of their sweet moments together that will elicit a lot of awwws!

As seen in the precious video, Daisy and Millie are both chilling in bed, ready to take their much-needed sleep. Notice that Millie’s eyes are locked on Daisy as if she is ready to help with anything the baby needs. As of that moment, all that Daisy needs is the warmth of the pooch’s fluffy fur. Of course, Millie is more than willing to snuggle up beside her.

After a few minutes, Millie starts feeling sleepy. She moves a few inches away just so she wouldn’t lean on the baby when she dozes off to sleep. The baby’s safety is her priority.  But when the newborn started feeling that Millie is no longer next to her, she extends her arms in search of Millie’s soft fur.

It’s a good thing that Millie is smart enough to know what Daisy’s cues meant. So she happily lays down near Daisy again. She places her head gently under Daisy’s tiny little hands and when the newborn started feeling the dog nearby, a sense of calmness can be seen on her face.

Millie loves snuggling close to the baby while soaking in every moment she has with the little girl. They both gently close their eyes and start drifting off to dreamland. It’s no surprise that their sweet video has garnered millions of views worldwide as their precious moments are something you really must see for yourself!

Watch Millie and Daisy snuggle together in the video below.

Source: milperthusky via Youtube

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