Friday the 13th is known to bring bad luck, but this is not the case for pit bulls Annabelle and Norman. Born on a Friday the 13th, the littermates were named after horror characters. And while their owners lovingly call them the little monsters, this duo doesn’t frighten people; instead, they give others love and joy.

According to Dannie and Bobby, the owners of Annabelle and Norman, the littermates’ mom was surrendered to a local shelter a week before she gave birth. They initially did not want to keep the puppies, but Dannie and their daughter felt a connection with Norman, while Bobby fell in love with Annabelle.

The couples also noticed that Annabelle and Bobby share a special bond. Despite having other siblings, the two still prefer to be together all the time. Hence, it was good that Dannie and Bobby decided to adopt them both.

Over the years, Annabelle grew up to be shy and reserved. Often she hesitates to do things at first, even if she wants to do them, just like swimming in the pool or jumping on a hoop. Dannie and Bobby brought her to a behaviorist who told them to allow Annabelle to do things on her own time, in her way.

Norman, on the other hand, grew up into a curious guy. He is athletic, loves to jump, and makes people laugh most of the time. He has so much energy in him, and he loves playing in the mud with Annabelle.

Loving dogs

Annabelle and his fur dad, Bobby, developed a beautiful bond. She became daddy’s girl, and Bobby became her favorite person. Whenever she needed love and attention, she would seek it from him. They spend a lot of time together.

As for Norman, Dannie feels like he is connected to her emotions. She went through a hard time once, and Norman was there for her. He stayed beside her and ensured that he always had a paw or his head on Dannie. No doubt he would always be there for her.

Get to know more about Annabelle and Dannie in the video below.

Credits: GeoBeats Animals via YouTube and Little Monsters via Instagram

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