Doggy daycares or doggy bars are a paradise for pooches. These are also relaxation spots for owners, as they can wind down by simply taking the leashes off their dogs and letting them play with other pets.

But one dog named Pogo seems unimpressed with all the pups frolicking at the doggy daycare. She even looks like an annoyed babysitter.

Read Pogo’s story to make your day.

Pogo would rather be left alone

Pogo, a four-year-old American boxer-bulldog mix, looked like she didn’t want to be bothered. She preferred sitting on a barstool in a human-like fashion over playing with other dogs. She even seemed to judge all her fellow pooches.

A video that showed her behavior had been uploaded to TikTok. On the said social media platform, people were coming up with various theories on why Pogo didn’t want to hang out with other dogs. Many assumed that she was just an introvert. Nevertheless, the video’s caption said in a Gen Z manner that Pogo was a whole mood.

Grace Wheeler, Pogo’s owner, had a practical explanation for her dog’s high-and-mighty attitude. She said that every time Pogo would get up on the chair, she might be trying to let her fellow dogs know that she was much better than them. Grace called Pogo their tiny judgmental queen.

The internet could relate to Pogo

Pogo’s video currently has more than one million views on TikTok. It also has over 215K likes and 3.7K comments.

The sentiments in the comments section prove that Pogo is a relatable pup. One said that Pogo might be thinking that all the dogs around her were peasants. Another commented that Pogo’s appearance on the chair was her way of saying that she didn’t want to mingle with the common folk. A third TikTok user said that the dg was the reincarnation of her judgmental mother-in-law.


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