With Bertie’s luscious fur, cute face, and friendly personality, it’s no wonder that the internet is swooning over him.

Meet Bertie

Bertie, a chocolate Pomeranian, experienced rejection early in his life. His owners surrendered him to a shelter at only five months old because he was “too big to sell.” While it’s unthinkable to give up a pup as cute as Bertie, it also paved the way for him to meet his forever family.

Kathy Grayson, a New York-based artist, was looking at dog photos on PetFinder when she first saw Bertie. She was instantly smitten by his cute little face and knew right away that she had found her best friend.

So, Kathy flew to Oklahoma to officially adopt Bertie and brought him home to New York. Kathy thought of starting an Instagram account for Bertie to document his new life in the big city. But to Kathy’s surprise, Bertie’s following snowballed. Now, he has over 400,000 followers on Instagram.

Irresistible cuteness

Bertie is such a chill and sweet dog who loves the simple pleasures in life. He enjoys going to the beach with them. He would fit into his mom’s bag and go with her wherever. His mom would also dress him up from time and time, and Bertie is happy to indulge her.

Bertie became so famous that he was invited to model for luxury brands on Fashion Week in 2019. Look how adorable this brown puppy is!

And who could blame the netizens for falling in love with this adorable fluffball? Bertie is cute no matter what the angle or background. He looks more like a small huggable teddy bear. When Kathy brings him to work at the gallery, people would stop by and greet him. Some visitors would even bring their dogs so that they could introduce them to Bertie.

Bertie effortlessly brings joy to everyone around him. He might not be aware of it, but he is a happy pill for so many people.

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