This woman saw a dog who seems to be dying on her porch. The dog smelled so bad that it appeared she was rotting from the inside.

The woman doesn’t usually pick up dogs from the streets. That’s because they might be dangerous. But this particular dog looked so defeated, and it seems that it has given up on life. She pitied it.

The woman knew that if she doesn’t do something about it, the dog won’t survive much longer. She called for help.

Tracy Korfhage, the cofounder of MisPits and Friends Rescue, took the dog. She immediately brought her to the vet. Tracy knew that the dog needed immediate medical care.

Once they were done at the vet clinic, Tracy brought the dog to her home, and she was nursing her back to health. The dog had a meal plan where she would be eating small meals throughout the day.

The first few days, the dog just kept lying outside the backyard. A time came that the dog started to play with toys. She would tear some of the toys apart and spread its stuffings around the backyard. This made Tracy happy because she knows that the dog was enjoying herself. She kept wagging her tail.

She still a little sad, though, because she needed to find her forever home. Sebastian and Ashtyn Garrison saw her picture online in knew that they needed to adopt her. They named her Akita.

Akita fits Sebastian and Ashtyn Garrison’s family perfectly. Akita was shy and timid at first. Soon, she completely opened up to them. The couple has three kids, and Akita is amazing with them. She loves being around them, and she is very protective of them too.

The family is more than grateful that they have Akita in their lives. They consider her as their baby.

Source The Dodo via YouTube

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