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Casey Bruno received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Central Florida (UCF). At 22, the young student was able to achieve such a feat. But for Casey, she would not be able to accomplish it if not for the help of many people, and her faithful dog, Paisley.

For Casey, her service dog played a vital role when she was finishing her degree. The dog was there both during the happy and sad times of going to university. University life is hard, and Casey believes that it was Paisley who made it more bearable if not less stressful.

This is the reason why when it was time for Casey to pose for photos for her graduation, the girl put her graduation cap on Bruno. Casey firmly believes that the two-year-old Dalmatian also deserves the recognition she received as it is a shared one.

The veterinary medicine graduate seeks to build a small clinic soon. She said it is her way of giving back to animals. According to her, it would be apt to start a small clinic near the vicinity where she grew up. This way, she will be of service to animals of her community.

Meanwhile, netizens found the photo of Paisley wearing the graduation cap adorable. Casey said she made it herself because she wants to let the dog feel that she is special.

It was in 2016 that Paisley joined Casey’s family. Since then, the dog has become a source of happiness for Casey, the girl shared. More than this, the dog serves as Casey’s calming presence whenever her depression gets triggered. Casey suffers from anxiety attacks whenever she gets stressed.

Apart from the graduation cap, Paisley likewise received an honorary diploma from UCF, that contains her name and the university’s logo. The university credited the dog for providing excellent service to Casey.

Credits to Bruno.

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