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Although Coach John Tortorella is busy with his job as head coach of the Columbus Blue Jackets, he never forgets to give quality time to his family. The fans of the team know this for a fact. One of his sons, Nick, works as a US Army Ranger, so when Coach John announced that he would miss an All-Star game for his son, the fans had absurd speculations. It turns out that Coach John had to look after Nick’s dog.

According to reports, Nick’s dog, Emma, became ill and needed someone to look after the pooch. Since most of the family members are pre-occupied with their stuff, it was Coach John who agreed to look after the pooch. But while the family said that Emma was sick, Coach John’s family did not specify what.

In a statement released by Coach John, he thanked all the people who sent messages of concern regarding his decision. But more than this, the coach is happy that people understood his decision to choose family over his team. He also assured everyone that it was not an emergency, and instead was just a family thing.

Per reports, Coach John has a penchant for dogs. It was not the first time that the coach showed compassion and love for dogs. Coach John, with his wife, Christine, heads the John and Christine Tortorella Foundation. The Tortorella Foundation’s goal is to raise enough money for children and animals in need, including dogs.

According to Coach John, he believes that these dogs deserve all the love they could get from people. This is the reason why he always provides for the dogs’ needs whenever he can. Coach John likewise shared that their home is a shelter for five rescue dogs, and they are living harmoniously with these dogs.

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