A puppy named Gia was found curled up on a porch of a house. Gia’s entire body was covered in mange that her rescuers didn’t even know what breed she was. When she was found, she was so terrified of people that her entire body was shaking.

Gia’s rescuers knew that they needed to work hard to help her recover. The rescuers could tell that Gia never experienced love from humans before. To help calm her down and to establish trust, the rescuers decided to give Gia regular medicated baths to treat her skin problem. She was also given antibiotics to treat and fight infections.

After spending a week getting medicated baths and getting fed good food, Gia started to realize that she’s in a safe place. She also learned that people are nothing to be scared of and even started wagging her tail for the first time. Gia’s personality also started to come out and showed her rescuers how sweet and affectionate she was.

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After a few more weeks of regular medicated baths, Gia’s skin health improved and her hair started growing back. Although Gia really didn’t know how to play with toys, she learned how when she was introduced to other dogs. Gia thrived in her foster home shortly after she was introduced to other dogs.

Gia’s foster parents even considered foster failing. However, since Gia’s foster parents were committed to rescuing other dogs in need like Gia, they needed to let her go. Gia’s happy personality and adorable looks made it easy for her to get adopted into a loving forever home. As soon as Gia was ready, she didn’t have to wait long for a loving family to apply for her adoption.

Gia loves her new forever home. Here, she learned how to walk with a leash and her new family spoils her with so much love and plenty of treats. Gia looks totally different since she was rescued. It’s hard to believe that she’s that same scared puppy that was shaking uncontrollably when was first found. Here’s a link below the screenshots to watch the heartwarming video showing Gia’s rescue and her amazing transformation.

Video Source The Dodo via YouTube

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