After years of continuously birthing puppies in a hoarding situation, the dalmatian-pitbull mix named Valentine had no idea of what it was like to be safe, secure, and comfortable. And so, when she was finally rescued, she remained timid and she wouldn’t really open herself up to others. She was always very sad and it looked like her spirits were crushed. It was difficult for her to think that she would have the chance to live a good life.

And that was why her current mom Ashley Moses and her fiancé wanted to help her in any way they can. Ashley shared that it was love at first sight for them when she saw a picture of Valentine online. But they did have their doubts if they could handle Valentine especially because it was their first time adopting a rescue dog. But they kept going because they knew they had to try.

When they finally came home, Ashley hoped that Valentine knew that she was finally safe, unfortunately, Valentine was not yet ready to give her trust yet again. She stayed in the couple’s foyer for quite some time, scared and confused. Ashley was brokenhearted to see this but she did not give up on convincing Valentine, luring her with treats until she finally made it home.

But that was just the first challenge because when Valentine finally found the courage to enter their home, she was still very cautious of everything around her. And for the whole night, she was still closed-off and did not interact with them. Ashley expected things to be the same the next morning but she was surprised. It was as if Valentine changed overnight.

She woke up to a lot of grateful licks from Valentine and that was the time Ashley realized that Valentine knew she was home.

Source: Instagram via valentinethepitmatian

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