Jonny used to prefer staying all day indoors and avoid any interaction with strangers. Jonny’s mom, Linda, admitted that Jonny has been going to a lot of therapy sessions to help him deal with his autism, but nothing helped.

Linda thought that getting another dog might just do the trick because Jonny did not connect with the other two dogs they have at home. Lina recalled that she immediately fell in love with Xena as soon as she laid eyes on her, so she decided to adopt her.

Little Boy And Rescue Dog Have The Most Remarkable Bond

This dog and her favorite little boy completely transformed each other's lives. Jonny has autism and had trouble connecting with anyone, and Xena was rescued from a rough life and was desperate for human affection. Today on Soulmates, watch how Jonny and Xena immediately clicked — and took their mom's breath away with their incredibly touching bond 💙

Posted by Soulmates on Sunday, 22 April 2018

Linda was not expecting that Jonny would also feel at ease with their new dog. Linda shared that Jonny used to have a lot of issues whenever someone invades his personal space, but it all changed because of Xena.

Linda shared that Xena had no sense of personal space, and prefers to be snuggling close to Jonny al the time. Jonny eventually got used to Xena’s clinginess and enjoyed her company because of how easygoing she is.

Linda said that Xena always jumps right onto Jonny’s lap and licks her human brother’s face all the time. Linda eventually saw that Jonny was changing for the better because he is now singing and talking to Xena all the time.

Jonny also used to have a lot of problems doing homework, but Xena was the one who helped him get used to doing assignments. Linda said that Xena was Jonny’s biggest cheerleader because she always encourages him to do his tasks just by being at his side.

Linda shared that Xena was the one who helped Jonny connect with the outside world around him. Jonny’s dad always brings Jonny outside using a jogging stroller, and Jonny has been giving everyone he comes across a high-five, and it is all thanks to his dog who helped him get out of his shell.

Source: Soulmates via Facebook

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