Willow lived a horrible life in South Korea. He was old and neglected, and it only took $20 for his family to drop him off at a dog meat farm where his sad fate awaits. But thanks to some kind hearts, Willow is now living, thriving and enjoying life to the fullest.

Rescuing Willow

Willow, a miniature poodle, has come a long way since 2016. It’s unbelievable how his life has changed over these years. Then, the 11-year old dog was neglected by his family in South Korea. He was sold at a dog meat farm for only $20, and he was one of the numerous dogs whose life was on the brink of a slaughter.

It might have been the end for Willow, if not for the interception of an animal rescue group called Korean Save Dogs. When they found Willow, the dog was in a horrible condition. He had rotten teeth, tongue infection, and severely matted hair. He needed rescuing, and fortunately, it came at the right time.

The group reached out to Heather Heath of Las Vegas. Heather is an animal rights activist, and she’s always had a soft spot for senior dogs. When she heard about Willow’s story, she couldn’t find it in her heart to reject the poor dog. She knew she had to give Willow another shot at life.

Willow’s cause

Several weeks of treatment after the rescue, Willow was set to fly to the US. Heather gave him a new home and a loving family. The senior dog thrived under her care. She found that Willow was a fluffy ball of energy. And despite his horrible past, he remained positive in life.

Willow also began championing animal rights around the country. With Heather’s help, Willow has become an ambassador of sorts in raising awareness about the dog meat trade in Asia. He’s been so passionate about this cause that he was nominated for a Hero Dog award by the Lois Pope LIFE Foundation.

Willow is a true survivor. While he lives a good life today, a lot of other dogs need our help. Let’s do our share through petition, education, donation, and adoption, and this world would be a better place for our furry friends and us.

Thanks to I Am Willow

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