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Connor, a six-year-old special needs kid, is living life to the fullest with his new friend, Ellie. Just like Connor, Ellie, the dog, also has special needs because the dog is deaf. But while they may have individual differences, the two have formed a solid friendship.

Brandi Guillet adopted Connor as a baby. From then on, she already knew that Connor needs special care. Brandi said that Connor finds it hard to communicate because of his condition. Brandi got told by her doctors that Connor has a speech defect. This is the reason why Brandi had to learn nonverbal cues to communicate with her son.

She was patient in learning nonverbal communication so that she would understand Connor. After all, Brandi has to do everything to know the nuances of her son. Despite her son’s condition, Brandi never felt that her son was a burden. She instead treats Connor as the best blessing she ever received in her entire life.

When Brandi learned that therapy dogs improve the lives of children like Connor, she thought of hiring one. This was when she met with Ellie, a deaf pooch. Despite the dog’s condition, Brandi received a word that the dog is a therapy pooch. Since she needed a companion for Connor, Brandi decided to adopt Ellie for good.

Connor was clueless that his mom has a gift for him. When Brandi got home, her son looked at the dog. Brandi then told Connor that Ellie would be his new companion and playmate. With this news, Connor became the happiest. He then formed a unique friendship with Ellie despite their condition. The two would often be seen doing things together like eating, playing, and sleeping. Brandi is thankful that she was given a chance to meet Ellie, and in the long run, help her with her son.

Credits to Inside Edition.

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