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Couples Aditya Raheja and Sanjana Madappa are home to five lovely dogs. The couple became speechless when they received the news that Aditya is pregnant. It was a blessing that they have long wished. With a baby coming soon, the couple’s friends and neighbors advised them to get rid of their dogs because they might pose harm to Aditya’s pregnancy.

While the couple understands that their neighbors and friends are concern about her, Aditya refused to let go of the dogs. According to her, these dogs are part of their family. Even before they expected a baby, the couple is already rescuing dogs and eventually taking them to their home.

For the couple, their advocacy for dogs will surely be with them even after Aditya gives birth. The couple also said that they would teach their child also to love dogs the way they do. Although their friends and neighbors did not understand at first, with their constant explanation, their friends and neighbors eventually stopped with their badgering.

Since they are expecting a baby, the couple thought of documenting every step of the way through photographs. They did this because they want to remind themselves that Aditya’s pregnancy is a blessing at the same time the dogs are part of the pregnancy.

The two held photoshoots with their dogs, and they shared the photos on social media. In the Facebook post, Aditya wrote a meaningful message that dogs do not pose harm in a woman’s pregnancy. According to Aditya, she is sure that her dogs will protect her family from any distress.

More than this, Aditya likewise said it was her five dogs that helped her get through pregnancy. For one, the dogs were always there to look after her and her baby. When she sleeps, the dogs will stay beside her to make sure that she gets enough rest.

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Posted by Shravan Krishnan on Thursday, January 26, 2017

Credits to Shravan Krishnan.

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