If you wonder what a shepsky is, it is what the owners of Mackey love to call him when asked about his breed. Mackey is a mix of several species, including Chow, Malamute, Husky, and Shepherd. But, he has the color of a German Shepherd with the characteristics of a Husky; hence he is a Shepsky to his fur mom and dad.

According to Mackey’s fur mom, Haley Toumaian, she and her fiancé Rob, decided to adopt a dog when they moved in together. She looked into local shelters, and when she and Rob saw Mackey’s photos, they immediately fell in love with him. And although they had hesitations about owning a big dog at first, they knew he was the right one for him. Two days later, they brought Mackey home.

Mackey has a lovable and sweet personality. And, though he weighs 50 pounds, he acts like a cuddle lapdog. He loves being lifted by his fur parents, laying on the couch, and napping in their beds. His favorite pastime is going to the beach and visiting his grandparents.

In addition to being sweet, Mackey is also smart and knows how to get away with things. He can open doors independently, and he knows some tricks and stuff.

One of Mackey’s most noticeable physical features is his eyes. He has a gorgeous blue pair which are too expressive. He knows how to communicate using his eyes, and he is a master of puppy dog eyes.

While Mackey now lives a great life, he has a sad past. His previous owner dumped him on the stairs of a shelter. But, thankfully Haley and Rob found him, and they now constantly shower him with love and admiration. In addition to his fur parents, Mackey also has a Husky sibling named Luca, his constant companion, and playmate.

Watch Mackey’s story in the video below.

Credits: GeoBeats via YouTube and Mackey The Shepsky via Instagram

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