While there are bad things, there will always be good as well. It is nature’s way of keeping everything in balance.

One animal lover in Mexico just proved that statement as he opened his home to over 300 animals to protect them from the incoming Hurricane Delta. With the dangers of not having adequate shelter during that trying time, he knew he had to step up.

Ricardo Pimentel has helped animals in the Yucatan Peninsula for many years. Helping animals in need has always been his passion so, he founded Tierra de Animales (Land of Animals) in 2011.

Even as a child, Ricardo always had a soft spot for animals. He would rescue street dogs from time to time and tend to them. Thus, having his very own shelter was a dream come true.

When he heard about Hurricane Delta, he began worrying about what might happen with the dogs under his care. He was aware that he needed a proper shelter to house all 300 dogs and the possibility of having a shortage of food since the stores could be closed after the storm.

Thus, he turned to social media to ask for donations. Through this, he was able to prepare food for all the animals.

After addressing the concern about the food, he had to find the best solution for the dogs’ temporary shelter. Ricardo had no available choice but to open his home to make sure that everyone was safe.

Hours before the storm came, Ricardo and his family scrambled to transport the animals to their home. It was no easy feat considering that they had to leash hundreds of animals. Nevertheless, they finished up just in time.

According to Ricardo, it doesn’t matter if their house would be crowded, dirty, or will need fixing. What matters most is the animals are safe and sound. Besides, the dirt and damage caused by the animals will always be cleaned and seeing them healthy and safe is everything for him.

Soon enough, Ricardo’s efforts were recognized as his post went viral. Many people praised his dedication and even donated thousands of dollars to further his cause.

As long as you do something with passion, your efforts will never be wasted. Kudos to Ricardo Pimentel!

Thanks to Ricardo Pimentel Cordero for the photos.

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