Autumn is that one season when we all feel like we’re wearing rose-tinted glasses everywhere we look. Red, orange, and yellow hues come alive, making even the most simple settings look extraordinary. This natural filter is the reason why photographers go on a shooting spree during this season.

Among these photographers is Zoltan, a wedding and portrait photographer from Eastbourne, East Sussex. When he’s not busy taking pictures of people, he would go around to take photos of dogs. He especially loves it when he gets the chance to capture precious moments of these pups playing in autumn.

Autumn-loving doggos

He would go to the park where dogs would frequently hang out with their humans. These spaces offer backgrounds that are perfect for portraits. He would follow these pups around as they sniff around and interact with their environment.

Zoltan tries to maintain a safe distance while taking pictures of the pups. The reason behind this being, he wants to take pictures of them while they’re in their element. It’s crucial for him to capture the emotion that the autumn-loving doggos are feeling.

Whenever the situation calls for it, he would approach the pup to do close-ups. The owners of these dogs are aware that he’s taking pictures, of course. After all, they’re the ones who booked the photo session with him.

The unpredictability of it all

Perhaps one of the beautiful things about photography is that the outcome is difficult to predict. You can prepare everything, but something’s always bound to surprise you the moment you click the shutter.

This is something that Zoltan knows all too well. There have been countless sessions that he had to reschedule because of the unpredictable autumn weather. Once the sessions push through and he finally meets the dogs, they wow him with stunning portraits!

Credits to Dog photographer Eastbourne UK

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