A group of friends was exploring the Delaware Water Gap National Recreational Area one hot summer day and they came across a man and his dog. Both looked exhausted and the canine was panting heavily. The temperature then was brutal, reaching almost a hundred degrees Fahrenheit.

The hikers were avid adventurers, used to various extreme conditions, and even they were experiencing difficulties with the heat. So when they saw the man and his pet sitting on the ground, they knew they were overheated and most likely dehydrated. They helped the man get up, but they couldn’t do the same for his pet.

The large pooch was too heavy to carry, and he didn’t want to move on his own.

Call for help

The group took out all the water they had and gave it to the dog. But it wasn’t enough. The poor animal was struggling and refused to move. The dog owner was not in good condition as well and couldn’t help lift his own pooch.

The hikers tried to carry the dog themselves, but they knew it would be nearly impossible to carry him down to the parking lot, even if they took turns. They were simply too far from the exit and the trail was uneven. So they called park services for assistance.

The group decided to wait with the dog and his owner until help arrived. Soon after, a burly man in uniform arrived. As soon as he was by the dog, Kris Salapek, a Supervisory Park Ranger, bent down and lifted the heavy pooch over his shoulder. He then started walking down the trail.

Cooling down

Salapek carefully hiked the rugged terrain to the bottom with the large animal on his shoulders. He even stopped at a small creek to give the dog something to drink and wet his fur and mouth. This was very helpful in cooling down the overheated pooch.

By the time they reached the parking lot, the pup was feeling and looking better. The owner then quickly started his car, thanked everyone for their help, and rushed his pet to a vet. The hikers learned later on that the dog fully recovered.

Source: Lexie Daniel Moore via Facebook

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