If you’re like most dog owners, it’s highly likely that you spoil your pooch with treats and toys. As dog parents, we always make sure that our dogs are happy that buying treats or new toys for our dogs have become part of our routine.

In return, our four-legged best friends give us love and lots of wet puppy kisses. However, some dogs also return the favor by giving gifts to their owners. Whenever you see your dogs bringing you some random object, it’s probably them saying they love us and want to share something interesting they found.

A four-month-old Golden Retriever and Poodle mix named Gingersnap was caught on video trying to surprise her mom, Heather, with a gift. Heather often describes Gingersnap as being very grabby with her mouth and always retrieves almost everything she finds. She also says that it’s her Golden Retriever blood that makes her do these things.

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Gingersnap is a very playful and also very spoiled dog. Heather says that her dog would often get away with almost every naughty thing she does. Whenever Gingersnap finds something she thinks is interesting, she always grabs it with her mouth and brings it back to her mom. Whether it’s a piece of leaf from the backyard, an article of clothing, or even trash, Gingersnap always shares it with Heather.

However, Gingersnap carried something inside the house one day that horrified her mom. Heather was going back indoors when Gingersnap followed her through the door. What she failed to notice was that Gingersnap decided to grab something from the ground that caught her attention. Luckily for Heather, she noticed it right away. As soon as she saw what Gingersnap brought into the house, she started yelling and ordering her to put it down.

Luckily for us, Heather’s doorbell camera recorded the hilarious moment. It turned out that Gingersnap was carrying a plastic bag full of her own poop. Heather knew that Gingersnap can easily rip the bag open and she definitely didn’t want that to happen inside her house. In the end, Heather was able to take the plastic bag away from her adorable but naughty dog and made sure to throw it in the garbage bin outside to make sure her dog wouldn’t get it back. Of course, Heather couldn’t stay mad at Gingersnap and she and her family all had a good laugh after reviewing the footage from the doorbell camera.

Gingersnap is a gift that keeps on giving. Here’s a video showing the moment Gingersnap successfully bringing a stinky surprise inside her home that made her mom panic.

Source: Ring via YouTube

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