Just recently, the Lexington-Fayette Animal Care and Control received a call about a loose dog wandering on Whitney Avenue so they immediately went to check. Upon arriving at the scene, the officers were confused because there was no dog around. That was when they received another call informing them that the dog was inside a tipped-over trash can.

It was Jai Hamilton, a cruelty investigator, who found the dog inside the trash can, and surprisingly, it warmed up easily to her. According to Jai, most of the time when dogs would get scared they would run back to their house where they feel safe. But this dog who they later named Oscar after the Muppet character, found his safety inside a can full of trash. Oscar immediately caved in with the treats and baby talk that Jai gave him.

Jai brought Oscar in but nobody came forward to get him. Though that wasn’t entirely surprising as it looked like Oscar wasn’t actually treated well before. He was very thin and he also had scars on him so he was probably neglected. So, Jai decided to foster Oscar in the office, and interestingly, he still got his love for trash cans.

He continued guarding trash cans and seeing how adorable he was, he even got an invitation from the Sanitation Department to hang out. He got to see the sanitation truck and even got photos of him taken while he wore his vest.

And then after some time, he was transferred to the Lexington Humane Society where he passed his evaluation period. So, Oscar is now officially available to be adopted. Jai shares that Oscar is a timid yet very sweet dog and he has shown no aggression to anyone or any dog. He is just simply still learning to be a dog and a loving family and a warm home would be a perfect way to start that journey.

Source: MSN

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