Claire-Louise Nixon adopted her first dog over a decade ago. The kind lady from Milton Keynes got a tiny Cocker Spaniel with a cleft palate. She adored the little pup and took care of him well. As time passed, Claire developed a special feeling of satisfaction taking care of a dog with special needs.

She grew a passion for these helpless dogs and decided, with the support of her husband and daughter, to start adopting more. It became her mission to rescue as many handicapped dogs as she can.

All over the world

Slowly her brood grew. And as more people learned that she was the one to call for special cases, more dogs were welcomed into the Nixon home. After 12 years, she now cares for 27 dogs from all over the world.

Some of the dogs were abused, while some have been born with congenital health conditions. There are also those that have gotten injured in war-torn countries. Then there are the dogs that got into an accident.

Daily work

Claire’s day starts off by giving medication to her dogs with more serious conditions. Some of them are paralyzed and can’t clean themselves. So she gives them a bath and makes sure that there are no places where infection can grow. The rest of the day is really reserved for feeding the dogs and cleaning up after them.

It may sound like it’s tough work, but Claire doesn’t mind. There is nothing that could stop her from showing kindness to a dog in need.

Claire has also gotten some tremendous success in some of her dogs. Some have been deemed paralyzed, but she has helped them recover. She has boundless patience and works hard giving them therapy sessions.

Thankfully, a lot of people have recognized her efforts and have given her support. They have seen how selfless she is, and they want to see her help as many dogs as she can.

Source: WheelsToPawsUK/Facebook

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